Seymour Community School Corporation

Dec. 2, 2005

Southern Roofing has serviced Seymour Community School Corporation for the past four years with roof maintenance for all ten of our buildings.  For one of four buildings, we also have a roof maintenance inspection service contract with them that occurs twice a year, providing a report of concerns and potential problems.  The roof with the service contract is the largest roof in the corporation.

Southern Roofing has been responsive to the needs of our school system.  They have been very quick to respond to calls on roofs that have leaked after a rain.  They have even made emergency calls to assist in snow removal off a roof after 30 inches of snow we received last December.  Because of their assistance, the building was saved and the roof did not collapse.

Southern Roofing has taken the initiative to make suggestions on how to improve our roof maintenance and even makes suggestions on how to save money by considering different maintenance options.


Randall M. Kerkhoff

Randall M. Kerkhoff
Assistant Superintendent

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